Referral-Based Travel Nurse Housing

You earn a living caring for strangers, but you don’t have to rent from one.

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How It Works

Travel Nurses: You're in the driver seat. You create a profile and choose amongst previously referred landlords in your desired location. You refer (invite) landlord(s) whom you have personally rented from + had a positive experience with to join Nurse Lords.

Landlords: You create a profile and list your property after you receive a referral code.

Note: Prospective landlords may create a profile and post a property for rent without a referral. However, said profile will be designated 'unverified' until a qualified referral is received.
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Where We Are Today

This website was born out of frustration with the existing travel nurse + landlord pairing process. If you're tired of death scrolling Facebook for relevant information and/or had your fill of screening for internet scammers via existing property rental sites - YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

But, we have some work to do first. Nurse Lords is a marketplace that cannot function without a healthy supply of available furnished housing options AND an equal dose of qualified travel nurse tenants in need of safe, secure temporary living spaces.
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What Can You Do To Help?

The concept is simple: travel nurses create a profile and invite (refer) landlords with whom they've had a previous positive rental experience to list their property(ies) via

The referring travel nurse then receives a membership discount following a successful referral (i.e., landlord lists property here).

The custom coding required to make the simple concept work: much more complex than Olivia & Tom anticipated. And, EXPENSIVE.

Want to help NurseLords become a fully functioning reality and improve the traveler experience for nurses everywhere?

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You can't buy genuine human connection

But, you can join a community that fosters it. Our platform connects travel nurses with landlords referred to our site based upon previous positive rental experience(s).

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